How can I help?

Excellent question! This is the biggest challenge I’ve undertaken in my life – and I’ve run a Students’ Union, completed a degree, and got married – so I can’t do it on my own. This page lists lots of ways you can help out – if you’re interested scroll to the bottom and send me a message!



  • I’m looking to arrange a series of fundraising events – if you would be interested in joining me and a group of friends packing supermarket bags or holding a charity bucket please message me and I’ll contact you with any upcoming plans.
  • Could you fundraise for me? Maybe you could organise a bake sale, organise a wear pajamas to work day, do a sponsored event, dye your hair orange… You don’t have to cycle across America to be a part of it!
  • Share share share that donate link when it comes!


There’s no way I can organise all of the logistics for this ride by myself – and even less way I can keep things organised whilst cycling 60-80 miles a day. I’m looking for a few volunteers to work alongside me and make this ride happen. If you’ve got interest in any of the below let me know!

  • Social Media
  • Press
  • Community groups liaison
  • Accomodation
  • Personal Trainer (see below)


The most valuable thing you can do to help is introduce me to people who might be interested in the ride – particularly contacts in America. Up to date information about the route can be found right here – if you know anyone nearby please do put me in touch. You may also know other people who can help…


This isn’t going to be cheap – and to make it happen I’m going to spend three months out of work and not getting paid. So if you know anyone who might be able to help make this ambitious plan come to life I would love to hear from you. Major costs are going to include:

  • Flights to America
  • Travel across the UK
  • Accommodation in the US
  • Bike accessories
  • Bike clothing
  • Bike servicing in the US


f3cbc-3143645_700bWhilst I’ve done several long distance bike rides I haven’t spent more than an hour on a bicycle in over three years. Last time I did a long distance bike ride I developed tendinitis and I’m really keen not to do that again. I’m looking for anyone who can help make sure I’m in peak physical fitness for this ride and the associated challenges – don’t forget I’m running my first marathon in 12 months! My first priority is to find someone who can help me devise a fitness plan, mapping all of the activities I’ll be involved in, focusing on making sure my body has the resilience to make it to the finish line. I’d also absolutely love to hear from any physiotherapists, nutritionists, sports scientists, or anyone who does sports massage.