Antony across America: The Road to San Francisco

In 2020 I was due to cycle across America to raise money for charity and raise awareness of mental health. With the world on lockdown due to Coronavirus my ride across the States was on hold, and I’m now planning to set off in April 2022.

I’ll spend 3 months cycling approximately 4000 miles across America. My journey will take me across 3 mountain ranges and through 18 states. I’ll be cycling between 50 and 80 miles a day, allowing me time to give talks about my journey and the importance of being open about mental health to schools and other community groups on route. I’m hoping to meet lots of amazing people, and am planning to spend as many nights as possible staying with people who will give me a room for the night – allowing me to get a real insight into the nature of America today whilst also giving me the human contact that I know I will need to look after my own mental health.