This outline of my route was written when I was expecting to travel in 2020. Whilst some of the notes might be out of date I’m still planning on following the same route.

As 2020 is the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrim’s landing on Cape Cod I’ve extending my bike ride by 300 miles to start where they first landed. This means my journey across America really will be a journey through the history of America, following the expansion of the United States of America Westward. My journey splits into three legs. I’d love to hear from anyone who’s on the route I’ll be taking. I won’t be carrying a tent I’m looking to make contact with people who might be able to host me for a night, or link me up with community groups who would be interested in hearing from someone who is cycling across America.

Leg 1: Provincetown, Cape Cod to Chicago (May and early June)

The ride begins at the very tip of Cape Cod, from where I’ll be heading through the land of Gilmore Girls on my way to New York. After that I’ll be heading through Princeton, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC, where I’ll take a right turn over the Appalachians through to Pittsburgh, Detroit, and Chicago. I’ve already got lots of contacts for this leg of the trip but I’d love to hear from anyone who lives between Philadelphia and Baltimore, Washington DC and Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh and Cleveland, Cleveland and Detroit, Detroit and Chicago.

A map of the Eastern half of the United States between Chicago and Cape Cod, with some areas highlighted red.

Leg 2: Chicago to Denver, Colorado (June)

After a few days off in Chicago to service the bike and my body I’ll be heading due West to Iowa City, Des Moines, Omaha, and then along the river to Denver. I’m hoping to arrive before July 3rd so that I can have a day off to celebrate my birthday and American Independence day. For this leg I’d particularly love to hear from anyone between DeKalb Illinois and Iowa City, Iowa City and Des Moines, Des Moines and Omaha, Lincoln Nebraska and North Platte Nebraska, North Platte and Denver Colorado.

A map of the central area of the USA with a route between Denver and Chicago that has some areas highlighted red.

Leg 3 – Denver, Colorado to San Francisco (July)

For the final leg I’ve got lots of contact at the end in California but a big gap over the Rockies. I may end up taking a longer roue via Idaho and Oregon to try and escape some of the summer heat. This is the leg with the least potential contacts so I’d love to hear from anyone in the green area below!

A map of the Western USA with a slightly phallic area highlighted between San Francisco and Denver