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The route I’m taking is based on places where I’ve found or am likely to find accommodation. I decided to cycle across America as part of my recovery from a depressive episode caused by prolonged isolation, and so whilst many cycle tourists take a tent and stop where they fancy, I’m planning to try and stay with people every night.

Each of the points on the map above shows where I’m currently planning to stop each night:

  • Grey points – places I’ll be staying a night
  • Red points – places I’ll be staying a night but currently don’t have anywhere to stay
  • Green points – places I’ve stayed a night

I’d love to hear from anyone who’s on the route I’ll be taking, whether you’d just like to meet up, have a suggestion for an interesting place to visit, or think you might be able to offer me accommodation. I’d also love to chat with community groups who would be interested in hearing from someone who is cycling across America.

The ride begins in New York, where I’ll spend a few days doing final preparations and making sure the bike is ready to go. After that I’ll be heading South West through Princeton, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC, where I’ll take a right turn over the Appalachians through to Pittsburgh, Detroit, and Chicago.

After a few days off in Chicago to service the bike and my body I’ll be heading through the American Midwest into the the setting sun. I’ll pass through some larger settlements including Iowa City, Des Moines, Omaha, as well as through lots of rural areas, on my way to Fort Collins, where I’ll rest for a few days.

From Fort Collins I’ll head slightly North into Wyoming as I head towards Salt Lake City. From there I’ll follow “America’s Loneliest Road”, which follows the route of the Pony Express and the Lincoln Highway. The route is incredibly remote, with small settlements every 60-70 miles. From there I’ll visit Reno, skirt around Lake Tahoe, head through Sacremento and then across the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco, where I’ll finish at Land’s End.

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