New socks

Happy New Year! Right, OK, I know its February but I had some time off from blogging in January – sorrynotsorry. Today is special. Today I start a new proper full time job at the University of Leeds as a Student Support Officer. Today I am wearing new socks that my mum gave me for … More New socks


Hey folks! There’s no headspace this week – that’ll be back in the New Year now. Instead, I’d like to share a blog that I wrote two years ago. It follows on from last weeks blog (Headspace #15) about the importance of talking, and the importance of being honest about how you feel. If you’d … More Talk

Brains and Trains

I like trains. If you’re reading this, you probably aren’t surprised to know that half of the books on my wish list are transport themed. I also care passionately about mental health. Again, you probably know this – you’ve seen my sharing my own and others mental health experiences. So, let’s be honest, it was … More Brains and Trains

Right Now

Normally, I write to reflect once something has happened and I’m OK. Today, I’m writing about how I feel right now, and it’s hard because it’s raw and real and so I’m going to go offline once I’ve posted this because we need to talk but sometimes it’s bloody hard. Look, I don’t want to … More Right Now

Who’s got an impressive ginger beard and just quit his job? This guy.

6 months ago I was offered an incredible opportunity to work for an amazing international human rights charity that was relocating to Leeds. It was in many ways a dream job – I had the chance to learn new skills, work alongside exceptional colleagues, and to help make the world a slightly better place. About … More Who’s got an impressive ginger beard and just quit his job? This guy.