3 months to go!

So, with exactly 3 months to go until I power myself around the UK everything is starting to get a bit real. Training has started (and stopped, and started, and stopped), fundraising has begun in earnest, and logistics… Well, they exist.

Let’s start with the fundraising. Since my first blog post I’ve raised nearly £2000 – that’s £1300 in sponsorship (including a massive donation from dame Judi Dench!!!), £233 from a cake sale my cousin held, £150 from the dance club 24 hour danceathon, and £50 from an interval collection held by Rostra we’ve got some more big events coming up – a gameathon held by the gaming league on the 25th to the 27th of April, a bag packing in M&S, a rag raid with buckets to Bangor and Conwy, a cake sale at the opening of the BLS library, and of course ongoing sponsorship!

Training has happened, but not as much as needed. I’ve cycled about 150 miles but I’d like to be hitting about 10 miles a day on work days and 30 on weekends. In the last 2 weeks I’ve done… 10. Life in the SU is hectic, and my biggest worry right now is getting time in the saddle and getting my legs pumping. As I write this I have another 3 day conference coming up, and then a week in Devon where I won’t have my bike with me. The big plus is I’ve been sponsored by an Arbonne who have provided a load of skincare and nutritional products – including protein shakes to help make my training count.

On the logistics front, nothing has massively advanced. I’ve brought maps, and flicked through a rough route, but need to flesh this out. I know I need to hit Bangor by day 5 (day 6 is a rest day to attend graduations), and I believe that is achievable – but I need to check. I’ve got plans for stop locations at a couple of places (where I’m hoping to have friends/relatives put me up for a night) but need to get these sorted out properly very soon. I’ve got some cycle clothing, but a lot of this is too small (shoes) or too worn through (bib shorts), and I can’t afford to replace these ATM. The bike needs some tlc as well – Bangor road cycling club have kindly serviced the gear mechanism but new brakes and tyres (the current set having done way above 2000 miles).

So, all in all – progress, but more needed in the very near future – and I need to focus on getting sponsorship in. If you haven’t sponsored me yet, you can do it online at www.justgiving.com/antonybutcher – I’d love to hit 3K by the time I write the next post!!!

Much love


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