Less than 2 months to go!

Time cracks on! With less than 2 months to go various odds and sods are coming together – although I could still do with a bit more training…

Logistics wise I’ve finally planned a route, setting out the key waypoints and overnight stops, including where I am still in need of accommodation – to keep costs down I’m looking to stay with people en route. You can check out the route here. If you happen to live – or know somebody who does – in or near Taunton, Bangor, Huddersfield, Durham, somewhere between Durham and Edinburgh, Pitlochry, Inverness, or Golspie/Brora please please get in touch! I’m also happy to visit places en route to talk about the ride I am doing.

Training wise… Well. Things are OK. I’ve had a few good rides, and have taken things up to about 40 miles. I need to push past this – but the eternal problem is time. It’s been a fortnight of awards ceremonies in Bangor, and I’ve struggled to do the washing up, let alone get out for a spin. Hopefully as exams kick in I should have a bit more time for getting miles under my metaphorical belt.

Now, for the exciting bits! Fundraising wise I’ve passed the halfway mark, with £2600 now raised for the rather excellent MS society. If you haven’t donated yet, head to www.justgiving.com/antonybutcher. I’ve had some excellent support from Bangor clubs and societies, and coming up I’ve got bag packing in M&S and bucket raids in Bangor and Conwy. Every academic school in Bangor Uni now has a sponsorship form and I’m fairly sure this will bring in a bit more money. Hoping to reach £3500 before the next monthly update.

The bike in pieces for cleaning and tyre replacement

The bike as well is starting to shape up. Over Easter I got a chance to upgrade various parts which have served well for over 2000 miles and were all getting a bit tired – tyres, brake pads, and cycling shoes. I’ve also got some mud guards to put on (although I wish I’d done this before heading to the pub tonight, as the weather decided to turn from clear to piddling it down!), and the pannier rack I’ll be using to lug my kit arrives next week. I’m hoping to meet with a designer friend to look at how we can brand the bike for the cycle ride so that everyone knows what I’m up to. I’ve also brought the MP3 player I’ll be taking with me to keep me going on the road.

The next month will see lots more miles on the saddle and (hopefully) more money coming in as I get closer and closer to D-Day. By the next update the bike will be set up for the ride to allow me to get used to riding with more weight, and I’d like to have most of the logistics finalised. Heres hoping!

2 thoughts on “Less than 2 months to go!

  1. Hi Antony, I am Stevie Fox’s cousin. I live just 10 miles north of Brora in Helmsdale. I’m not sure if I will be here at the time of your LeJog but I’m happy to put you up for what should be your last night. If we keep in touch, I can confirm whether I’m going to be able to do it. Regards – Linda Hopley (my nephew did the reverse trip in 2011 but didn’t come down the A9.

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