Cake Across America

In 2020 I’ll be cycling across America to raise money for research into MS whilst also talking to as many people as possible about mental health, trying to tackle the stigma which can surround it (read more about this at The first step – announcing #AntonyinAmerica). I’m hoping to raise £20,000 – a significant amount of money which would do a significant amount of good.

So this is where you (hopefully!) come in. Much as I love cycling and charity fundraising, I love cake even more. So what I’m suggesting is a huge cake sale, all across the UK. I’ll bake a couple of cakes for my office, you bake a cake or two for your office, or anyone else who might like cake. At the end of the day you donate online, and then I tot up how much we’ve all raised together. Lovely!

What I’m proposing is that we all do this together on Tuesday the 3rd of July*. If you sign up to bake a cake or two I’ll share a couple of my favourite recipes and send you some resources to jazz up your cake sale 🙂

*OK, narcissism alert – this is my Birthday. But I can’t think of a better day for people all across the UK to have some lovely cake.

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