Where your donations go

With about two months to go before I hope to set off to New York I’m now starting to do more charity fundraising events – most of which involve doing a couple of hours of static cycling. As I start doing more events, I’m starting to get more people asking about what happens with the money I raise at fundraising events, so I thought it would be helpful to quickly outline what happens to this.

The most important thing to say is that every penny raised – whether on http://www.justgiving.com/antonyjcbutcher, on a sponsorship form, or donated into a bucket – goes directly to charity. None of the charity money I receive is going towards the costs of cycling across America – these are all being paid for either directly by me or by a round of crowdfunding I did back in 2019, which raised enough money to cover my flights and visa. I think it’s really important to be transparent about this so that everyone who donates knows that there money is going directly to a good cause.

So what happens to your money?

Online donations (www.justgiving.com/antonyjcbutcher) – any online donations go directly to the charity. Most people donate using Justgiving these days – it’s quick, easy, and there is the option to use Justgiving without paying any fees.

Paper forms – very few people use old fashioned paper sponsorship forms these days – if they do, when I receive any donations I pay them into the bank and then send the money and sponsorship funds to the MS Society.

Fundraising events (bucket collections). Any funds that come from a bucket are counted up (this take a bit of time but is also quite exciting!) We then pay the funds into my bank account and then make a payment to the MS Society using justgiving (obviously without gift aid) – this is the preferred route for the charity as it reduces their administration and helps them track how much I’ve raised.

So – there you have it! Every penny raised will go directly to charity!

A wet but fruitful charity static cycle in Ilkley

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