5 super easy ways you can help

You don’t have to jump on a bike to be a part of the ride! Here’s five easy ways you can support the ride over the next few months from the comfort of your sofa!

Boost the socials

As I prepare to cycle across America social media algorithms are the bane of my existence – I often find content I’m sharing is only being seen by a few people – and then find other people asking me questions about things I’ve recently covered on social media. So anything you can do to try and confice the social media gods that my content is worth displaying is super helpful. The easiest way to do this is interact every time you see something – like it, share it, comment on it. And if you’re not seeing things for a few days it probably means I’m in the algorithm dog house. – so if you could take a second to head directly to my pages once a week or so and interact that would be ace! Another easy way of helping out is to review my page on FB – this apparently helps show that I’m a “trustworthy” page. The more people interact – and interact with other commenters – the more it will appear on peoples feeds. If you’re on wordpress you can also follow my blog 🙂

Cheer me on (virtually!)

I know that it’s a bit far to come to cheer me on from the side of the road, but in this virtual world you can cheer me on from the comfort of your sofa! At various points I’ll be going live – especially at the start and the end – and I’d love if you could find a couple of minutes to join and and cheer me on from a distance. It’s one of the things that got me through the London Marathon – knowing that I was doing it with people watching all over the country (sometimes literally!) cheering from home.

Share IRL

Whilst lots of people are finding out about the ride on social media, people are always more likely to follow along if they hear about it directly from someone they trust. So could you share information about my ride and how it’s progressing with friends, family, and colleagues?

Say hi!

Whilst I’m going to be staying with people most evenings, I’m also going to be spending most days by myself – and I know that isolation can be a big trigger for my own mental health. And even in the planning – for the next week and a half I’ve got about four weeks planning and training to try and squeeze in. If there’s one thing that cheers me up, it’s getting little messages of support. I can’t promise that I’ll reply all of the time, but if you were able to drop me a note every now and then I can’t tell you how much I would appreciate it. Oh – and pet pictures are ALWAYS welcome!

Help raise some £££

OK – so you can’t do this one from your sofa but – one of the greatest things you could to do help would be to raise a little bit of money for the MS Society. It could be as easy as sharing my link, baking a cake, putting a swear jar out, ask your company if they would be interested in sponsoring me, run a sweepstake on something – every £ raised goes directly to a fantastic cause. And the more people who do a little bit of fundraising, the more that we all raise together. I’ve always felt like my fundraising adventures succeed because of the generous support I receive from people – and the more we come together, the more we can achieve.

As always – any questions, please do feel free to get in touch – I’ll do my best to reply!

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