Welcome to 2014 – please keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times! I was going to write a blog about 2013, and things which happened, but like Dom Anderson, VP Society and Citizenship for NUS said recently – it is better to look towards the future than towards the past! So, … More 2k14

Moments missed

Something was missing this morning. Sure, I managed to stay in bed until 9, and sure, I listened to Steve Wright’s Sunday love songs. I read a bit, caught up with Facebook, and planned the day. But all of this felt slightly less real for one simple reason – when I opened my eyes I … More Moments missed


Now that the dust has settled, the parents have left, and the welcome week paraphanila has been filed away for another year, I thought I’d stick a few thoughts down about Welcome Week. I’d like to start by giving a massive thankyou to all of our Student Union volunteers – our Heroes. They worked all … More Heroes

Taken for granted

What happens when we take something exceptional, and insert it into the mundane realities of day to day life? Does it loses its ability to inspire us as human beings, or does it raise our day to day appreciation of the world around us? Let’s start off by looking at the natural world, the landscapes … More Taken for granted


This week see’s Bangor presented with all the brass-work polished, the carpets cleaned, and the flowers in bloom. Hordes of parents descend upon the College on the Hill, full of excitement and pride, as students face the culmination of their studies. With one fell wave of the Vice-Chancellor’s hat, students turn into graduates. Thinking back … More Graduation

The worst view in the world, or across the Penines and back.

  Once every few weeks, I squeeze out of a narrow parking bay in York and creep between rows of silent cars as I travel a well worn strip of tarmac. When I reach the end, I twist around for one final, lingering, glance, before I once more stretch my heart across 120 miles and 2 countries. Every … More The worst view in the world, or across the Penines and back.

First steps

So last night I was at the AU dinner, and as always I was blown away by some of the amazing feats achieved by students in Bangor. From competing on the world and European stage, being UK champions, even being the coach of a national team, it’s fair to say we have some elite athletes … More First steps