2 weeks to go!

Crikey. Doesn’t time fly. Luckily, training is going really well. I’ve hit all of my targets for the last month and am now regularly hitting 70 miles. Just today I cycled to Llandudno and back. On the logistics side everything is also hunkey dorey. Every night is sorted and I’m really glad that I haven’t … More 2 weeks to go!


There are many different ways to get between Lands End and John O’Groats. The absolute shortest route is 871 miles – but practicalities (e.g. motorways, overnight stops, finding food) mean that the typical route is 900-1000 miles. For my ride I shall be going via Bangor (for graduation ceremonies) and York (where my mother lives), … More Route

MS and me

Trigger warning – this is an intensely personal and frank account of how MS has affected my life. Sometimes, it hits me like a freight train in the night. I started writing these words whilst I sat watching dance groups from across the UK in Edinburgh. As they were performing some phenomenal dances the thought … More MS and me