There are many different ways to get between Lands End and John O’Groats. The absolute shortest route is 871 miles – but practicalities (e.g. motorways, overnight stops, finding food) mean that the typical route is 900-1000 miles. For my ride I shall be going via Bangor (for graduation ceremonies) and York (where my mother lives), adding to the mileage.

I’m sticking this route up now for a couple of reasons:

  • Firstly – I’m currently navigating between points where I can stay overnight with friends, family and wellwishers. At the moment most of my nights are already sorted, but I’m looking for people who might be able to put me up for the night and provide a hot meal, a washing machine, and a shower. I’m currently looking for a place to stay in Halifax, Pitlochry, and Inverness. If you know anybody who lives in one of these places or nearby who might be able to help please comment below and I’ll be in touch.
  • Secondly, whilst many of the start and end points are sorted I haven’t yet sorted out the bits inbetween. If you happen to have any tips on good/bad routes, hills to avoid, or even great places to stop for lunch I’d love to hear them!
  • I’m also open to doing any fundraising events on route – school appearances, talks in the evening etc. Please comment with any ideas…
  • Finally – if you’d like to join me at any point for part of the route you are very welcome. Just let me know in advance if you’d like to come a-pedalling with me and keep me company on the open roads. If you’re a part of any cycling groups who might like to come out that would also be cool.

So, the route is thus:

  1. (7/7) Lands End – Liskeard (75 m)
  2. (8/7) Liskeard – Tavistock -/Taunton (75 m)
  3. (9/7) Taunton – Tintern (70-80 m)
  4. (10/7) Tintern – Shrewsbury (85 m)
  5. (11/7) Shrewsbury – Bangor (85 m)
  7. (13/7) Bangor – Chester (65m)
  8. (14/7) Chester – Halifax* (75m)
  9. (15/7) Halifax – Wetherby – York (45m)
  10. (16/7) York – Newcastle (80m)
  11. (17/7) Newcastle – Jedburgh (80m)
  12. (18/7) Jedburgh- Edinburgh (60-90 m)
  13. (19/7) Edinburgh – Pitlochry* (82m)
  14. (20/7) Pitlochry – Inverness* (90m)
  15. (21/7) Inverness – Helmsdale (60m)
  16. (22/7) Helmsdale – John O’Groats! (60m)

So that’s a total of 16 days between LE and JOG, with 15 of those in the saddle, and an estimated total mileage of 1100 miles!


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