Working in student support at a University means that almost every day I meet students who need a bit of help. This can range from people feeling a bit homesick to people right at the very tip of the mental health crisis that everyone is talking about. But one of the most common things I … More Overwhelmed

Headspace #9

To mark international Mental Health day I’ve been uploading anonymous mental health experiences all week long. Todays one is from a friend who went to the same University as me, and is a call to talk to others about how you are feeling. Talk Tonight I have always felt fairly ‘odd’; as if I don’t … More Headspace #9

5 days to go!

Ok, so this is it. With only 5 days before jumping on my bicycle this is the last pre-ride update. Life is currently extremely busy, to the point of serious stress. In 2 days I will be leaving my current job and my current house on the same day (and after 4 years, there is … More 5 days to go!


There are many different ways to get between Lands End and John O’Groats. The absolute shortest route is 871 miles – but practicalities (e.g. motorways, overnight stops, finding food) mean that the typical route is 900-1000 miles. For my ride I shall be going via Bangor (for graduation ceremonies) and York (where my mother lives), … More Route

First steps

So last night I was at the AU dinner, and as always I was blown away by some of the amazing feats achieved by students in Bangor. From competing on the world and European stage, being UK champions, even being the coach of a national team, it’s fair to say we have some elite athletes … More First steps