Virtual America

In May 2020 I was due to set off on a solo bike ride across America to raise money for the MS Society and raise awareness of Mental Health. Whilst the ride may be on hold charities need the money more than ever – so I’m inviting everyone to join me on a virtual ride across America.

We set off until the 6th May – the day I was due to depart Provincetown, Massachusetts, and share the journey. I’ll be regularly updating what we’ve seen on this website and on my Facebook page.

The Journey

Day 1: Starting from Cape Cod

Day 1-3: Cape Cod to Cleveland

Day 4-5: Cleveland to Detroit

Day 6-8 – Detroit to Chicago

Day 9-12: Chicago to Fort Collins, Colorado

Join in

EITHER join our Virtual America ride on Strava – join our club at Any activity you log on Strava will automatically be added to the ride. joining the Strava Group

OR fill out the form below.

And if you can spare a few pennies, please consider donating at – donations are split between the MS Society and charities responding to Coronavirus in the UK and around the world.