Sabb’s are people too!

Like all sabbatical officers, I’m very used to students criticising the union for not engaging them, being self centred/cliquish, and only being in the job for the money. Often, these criticisms highlight flaws in communication and service provision that union’s are aware of, but that are not easy to fix.

However, I think that there has to be some element of give/take. Yesterday, whilst speaking to societies (at 8pm, a standard sabb day), one student turned round and made the comment ‘I hate the SU. They don’t do anything for me, and they don’t want to know what I think.

So, two things…

1) I’m here, telling you what the union is doing for you, and asking you what you think.

2) Actually, I’m a human being. Sod politics, sod strategies, sod impact. At the end of the day, like other sabbs, I put my life and soul into this job. I work ridiculous hours, drive myself to the point of meltdown, and keep myself awake of night thinking about what I can do to be better. All of this is framed by the fact that I will never be able to do all of the things I want to get done – there are so many topics and areas that I would love to improve, but there simply are not enough hours in the day. To insult so flippantly, to forget I’m a human, and to make me feel terrible for doing something I love is quite simply absurd.

So next time you want to comment on someone, don’t forget to think about them in the round, or they’ll be blogging at you.

One thought on “Sabb’s are people too!

  1. I sometimes think the SU is almost considered to be like government, or that people see it as some form of authority and therefore think they must rebel against it. I've heard some of the same comments, and I too find it quite ridiculous. Don't worry Antony, the majority still love you and that is all you need to take over the world D:

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