The ultimate movember

I’m typing these words happy in the knowledge that I won’t be touching my razor for a long, long time. This year, after a bout of depression, I decided to do Movember to raise money for a local mental health charity.

But Movember – much as it’s a fantastic initiative – is a bit tame. If I was going to persuade you lovely people to part with some of your hard earned mullah I had to go even further. So, I set you all a challenge. For £100, I’d do Movember. For £500, I’d shave my entire head. And if we hit £1000 – a lofty target designed to be unreachable – I’d wax my chest.

There’s good news and there’s great news. The good news is that we raised a total of £962.50 plus gift aid. The great news is that we raised so much money without me needing to get my chest waxed. Yay! In fact, when you throw in the gift aid, The Cellar Trust will be receiving a total of £1,164.38 (although it’s not too late to throw in a few more pennies for this great charity!)

Now, for your viewing pleasure – here are two quick videos. Me losing my hair in 60 seconds, and me regrowing it in another 60 seconds!

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